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We founded our home-based and online store, DRIP & SIP TO GO, on September 2020. Rose's and her family own and run the local business in Alberta, Canada. They source their roasted coffee beans within Canada to support local coffee roasters.

Their main product, which is the coffee drippers or ground coffee in a drip bag came from the idea adopted from Japan.

In the midst of pandemic, they came up with a thought that this maybe essential to Canadians. According to studies, 64% of adult Canadians drink coffee everyday, and with this coffee drippers, it will be more HYGIENIC to prepare coffee. It is not only convenient but it also taste great that will capture everyone's coffee palette.

Their products are available to purchase online -thru website or direct message at facebook and/or instagram account) and can also be found in some of their partners’ physical stores in Edmonton, Alberta, specifically, Cloud Cakes by Aunt Lou, where mouth-watering cakes are sold and Pinoy Avenue Store and Food Service, which sells Filipino goods. 

As they continuously introduce their products to everyone, they have partnered with other businesses as well, like All Flairs, where you can find all your printing solutions; Pharmasave Beverly, where your prescribed meds are found; Tamy's Kitchen YEG where flavourful Ensaymadas are made for pre-order; and That's Natural Soap which make a curated all natural soap from Calgary, Alberta.

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Our Coffee Drippers or Drip Bags are 100% biodegradable.
This modern drip bag with its technology to brew your coffee in less than 5 minutes, is made in Japan and is perfect to use as drippers for our ground coffee for its food grade, non-toxic high quality disposable drip bag.

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Our coffee beans are roasted in small batches by our local Canadian coffee roasters. It is Fairtrade and made with 100% Premium Arabica.

We make sure to preserve its  artisan quality, great taste and enrich aroma by grinding the coffee beans just before we place it in drip bags, then seal it and deliver it to our valuable coffee lovers.

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